[nfb-talk] Wanted to add my opinion

Renee Pavlus psychmom3 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 14:26:58 CDT 2010

My name is Renee Pavlus,  Like many of you, I have been a proud NFB member for many years...It is interesting to note, there are so many technical advancements today that it could make some of us old timers heads spin.  I remember real to real tape recorders...I agree with the last few people wrote, I too have several other major medical issues besides blindness...of all my issues blindness is the least cumbersome...I deal with major clinical depression, have had Breast Cancer, my memory isn't the same after going through Chemo and radiation treatments, they never tell you about the side effects, however I am well, and I am grateful for that...for me, blindness is just part of the whole, and memory loss, lack of concentration, dealing with mood swings, and recently some hearing issues is more significant, besides, I am the worst speller in the world.  Please know, I am very grateful to know many blind people who are proud and living their lives with dignity, yaa NFB.  I am new to NFB Talk, and would like to share; Does any one use facebook?  I live in Utah, and have many relatives back East, and it is a wonderful way to connect, my facebook page is Renee Radicioni Pavlus, and my email is psychmom3 at gmail.com  In the next few months my husband David and I are anticipating a new business venture...perhaps sharing how it comes together with other folks on the NFB talk site would be nice, we are going to small business to open a restaurant diner here in Utah, kind of like a old fashion New England diner, not 1950's but one with home made food, and good quality for a good price, my son Chris is a chef,; we have lots of chain restaurants here in Provo, but a good family diner is what we feel the community needs.  It would be nice to get feed back. Thanks Renee 

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