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Aira News January 27, 2020.

This week is a quiet one here at Aira. We’ve started our sixth year though with some big plans. In this newsletter, we’ll tell you about our staff, what we have planned for Black History Month and some good news about our phone system. 

Jenine Stanley named Aira’s Director of Customer Communications.

Troy Otillio, Aira’s CEO says “It is with great excitement that I announce the promotion of Jenine Stanley to Director of Customer Communication. In this role, she’ll drive the communications and conversations with our customers and community. Her deep communications experience, tech prowess and personal commitment to accessibility are a few of the many reasons I’m happy to have her on my team. I asked Jenine to share her thoughts with the prompt “Why Aira, Why Now?” and this is what she had to say:” 

Read more here. <https://aira.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=f853d24f4a9fea5ef4c1b7d2b&id=081f68421b&e=5319737dbf>  

Afternoon at the Museum Presents: Black History Month.

February is Black History Month and our Afternnon at the Museum show has four great episodes for you.

Friday, February 5 we’ll explore the Buffalo Soldiers Museum. Come with us to the Old West to learn about the Buffalo Soldiers and their role. 

Friday, February 12 we travel “Down Under” to explore the rich culture of Australia’s Aborigines. 

Friday, February 19 we’re joined by the Blind History Lady, Peggy Chong, to learn about blind people of color. 

Friday, February 26 features a panel discussion about visual interpreting and minority communities. 

You can join our live streams via our Youtube channel at (http://youtube.com/c/airaio) or via Zoom at (http://aira.zoom.us/j/91066560179). 

New Features On Our Phone Support

If you’ve called our company number recently you’ve heard something new. You can now speak your menu choices as well as pressing their coresponding numbers. We’ve also brightened up our messaging. You can reach our support staff from 6:00am to 6:00pm Pacific time. Check the end of this newsletter for the support number in your area. 

Contact us.

For more information about anything above, please call our Customer Care Team.

US & Canada: 800.835.1934. 
Australia: 1.800.765.096. 
New Zealand: 0.800.425.451. 
UK: 1.800.046.5668. 
Or email us. (support at aira.io) 

Your Aira Team 

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