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Hi Darian,
I am definately interested in a community service division or an effort to 
get involved in our communities somehow. I think it's a great idea.
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> hello all,
> as you may or may not know; I am a recent AmeriCorps  Alumni; and as
> such, I've spend alot of time  during my time in the Corps working on
> many community service projectss.  While in the corps, i started to
> think of ways to continue that ethic of service that I had gained, and
> saw that  there were communitys and church groups that gave of their
> time  and energy to better the communities that they lived in and
> others who went beyond that to help communities that were  not the
> ones that were their own.
>  The thought that came  from this was the idea of starting a group
> that  may one day form into a division that  focused on  community
> service.  I feel like   It's very important for us, as members of
> NFBC, and majorly, the NFB toseriously consider our roles in society
> as not just   Advocates for the blind, but people who care about  the
> communities around ourselves.  Not lost on me is the  fact that our
> president has made service a major focus and has challanged every
> american to get in volved in the service movement; something we all
> should and can do.  So the Question is  why haven't we?  Why not?
> What better  way to  Practice what we preach in our  Philosiphy, what
> we  talk about  in our centers, chapter meetings, and at conventions.
> I would like  to see something worked out for meet the blind month
> where we, as a state get out there on a day; call it  "NFBC Service
> day", and do a project,  Sure people can hand out litriture at some
> point, but  let's not make that a main focus of our activities.
> Hopefully, it becomes a  thing that  we can do at least three  times
> ( martin luther king day- a big service day, and National Global youth
> service day -possibly a cabs event and a challange event to get youth
> involved in chapters and  doing  something for their communities).
>   Any Takers?
> Consider this a feeler- seeing what the vibe is  for something like this.
>  If you have any questions, or wish to talk to me aboutthis a little
> more; you may contact me  at  dsmithnfb at gmail.com as well, please feel
> free to reply to this post.
> have a great day!
> Darian Smith
> Alumni- AmeriCorps NCCC
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