[Nfbc-info] This is what we are up against with my space.

Angela fowler fowlers at syix.com
Tue Jan 13 19:51:18 UTC 2009

Hey all, 
I doubt very seriously that a human being read Mike's message. That looked
like an automatically generated stock response, designed to answer most
common log-in questions but no help at all with inaccessible captias. The
challenge this committee faces is breaking through the layers which the
webmasters at Myspace have surrounded themselves with and getting through to
a real live person who can work with us. Wish us luck, this is going to be
Angela Fowler
Myspace accessibility project coordinator

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Hi all. Yesterday I finally got in touch with my space had to read arround
the site talk to some network solutions people etc.
Anyway finally because I can't log in I sent this note copied from the
return document so might not be as readable.
Hello I am blind and can’t read the captcha to reset my password so I
can’t log in. I forgot the password the other day and put in the wrong
one. While I’m here, several blind people are having accessability
issues with their screen readers is there someone we can communicate with to
try to make myspace more accessible? thanks Michael Peterson Now here's the
answer they sent: Enjoy!
If it doesn't make you who are non techeies heads spin nothing will.
If you have a MySpace account, but cannot log in, please try the following
Significant MySpace site errors are posted on the MySpace Help Blog. Check
the blog to see if there is a known login issue.
Clear your browser's cookies and temporary internet files, then try to log
in again.
This is a simple process, but if you don't know how to do it, you can find
instructions in your browser's help file.
Often, trying a different internet browser can do the trick. For example,
try Internet Explorer if you are using AOL. Mac users should use Safari or
Firefox for the best results.
Try lowering your browser's security settings. If you are using a firewall,
try lowering those settings, if possible too.
If you see the message Too many failed login attempts, wait 15 minutes then
try to log in again.
Make sure your profile has not been deleted. If you cannot find your
profile, or see Invalid Friend ID when you search for it, your profile may
have been deleted.
If it was removed by MySpace, it was because of a violation of the MySpace
Terms of Service (inappropriate images, spam, cyber bullying, underage use,
etc). We do not keep records of removed profiles or images. Once an account
has been deleted, it cannot be reactivated. You can find the MySpace Terms
link at the bottom of all MySpace pages, or copy and paste the following URL
into your browser's address bar
Verify that you are logging in with the correct username and password.
To retrieve your password:
1. Go to
 and click on Forgot Password or copy and paste the following URL into your
browser's address bar:
2. Enter the email address you signed up with.
3. In about 5 minutes, an email will be sent to the email address (username)
on your profile. If you do not receive your password, you may have
inadvertently signed up with an invalid email address.
4. Be sure to check your junk/bulk mail folder because sometimes the
password is sent there rather than your inbox.
If you do not receive your password, please reply to this message with the
URL to your profile or Friend ID, your email address and a salute.
Please note that if there are no identifying photos on your profile, we will
be unable to confirm ownership and disclose any information or take action
on that account.
1. A salute is a current photo of you holding a handwritten sign with your
friend id. Your MySpace Friend ID is the last set of numbers in your URL in
the address bar of your internet browser. You can find your Friend ID by
using Search to look for your profile. (You do not have to log in to your
profile to use this feature.) 2. Reply to this email leaving the subject
intact and attach your salute to it. Or upload your salute to a web site and
send us a link to the photo.
3. We will email your password to you. If you wish to change your email
address or password, be sure to include the ones you'd like to use in the
Your salute will be used for identification purposes only. Please make sure
we can clearly see your face, your Friend ID, and your hands holding the
We do not accept birthdates as a means of verification.
If you are a band profile, you are required to submit a salute and send your
request to musicsupport at myspace.com .
We hope you found this information helpful. If this does not fully address
your question or concern, please reply directly to this email keeping the
subject line intact.
Hello I am blind and can’t read the captcha to reset my
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