[Nfbc-info] This is what we are up against with my space.

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Perhaps this needs to be the next target for a law suit. Unfortunately, what 
you got was a computer generated letter and it might be doubtful that your 
email was even read by a live person. There should be ways of tracking down 
the corporate offices of the company and sending your information to a much 
higher level.
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> Hi all. Yesterday I finally got in touch with my space had to read arround 
> the site talk to some network solutions people etc.
> Anyway finally because I can't log in I sent this note copied from the 
> return document so might not be as readable.
> "---------------------------------------------------------
> Hello I am blind and can’t read the captcha to reset my
> password so I can’t log in. I forgot the password the other
> day and put in the wrong one. While I’m here, several blind
> people are having accessability issues with their screen
> readers is there someone we can communicate with to try to
> make myspace more accessible? thanks Michael Peterson
> Now here's the answer they sent: Enjoy!
> If it doesn't make you who are non techeies heads spin nothing will.
> Mike
> Hello,
> If you have a MySpace account, but cannot log in, please try the following 
> suggestions:
> Significant MySpace site errors are posted on the MySpace Help Blog. Check 
> the blog
> to see if there is a known login issue.
> www.myspace.com/myspacehelp
> Clear your browser's cookies and temporary internet files, then try to log 
> in again.
> This is a simple process, but if you don't know how to do it, you can find 
> instructions
> in your browser's help file.
> Often, trying a different internet browser can do the trick. For example, 
> try Internet
> Explorer if you are using AOL. Mac users should use Safari or Firefox for 
> the best
> results.
> Try lowering your browser's security settings. If you are using a 
> firewall, try lowering
> those settings, if possible too.
> If you see the message Too many failed login attempts, wait 15 minutes 
> then try to
> log in again.
> Make sure your profile has not been deleted. If you cannot find your 
> profile, or
> see Invalid Friend ID when you search for it, your profile may have been 
> deleted.
> If it was removed by MySpace, it was because of a violation of the MySpace 
> Terms
> of Service (inappropriate images, spam, cyber bullying, underage use, 
> etc). We do
> not keep records of removed profiles or images. Once an account has been 
> deleted,
> it cannot be reactivated. You can find the MySpace Terms link at the 
> bottom of all
> MySpace pages, or copy and paste the following URL into your browser's 
> address bar
> http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=misc.terms
> Verify that you are logging in with the correct username and password.
> To retrieve your password:
> 1. Go to
> www.myspace.com
> and click on Forgot Password or copy and paste the following URL into your 
> browser's
> address bar:
> http://collect.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.retrievepassword&MyToken=3b1fccb8-8d0c-4f64-8428-e4fd5f41899e
> 2. Enter the email address you signed up with.
> 3. In about 5 minutes, an email will be sent to the email address 
> (username) on your
> profile. If you do not receive your password, you may have inadvertently 
> signed up
> with an invalid email address.
> 4. Be sure to check your junk/bulk mail folder because sometimes the 
> password is
> sent there rather than your inbox.
> If you do not receive your password, please reply to this message with the 
> URL to
> your profile or Friend ID, your email address and a salute.
> Please note that if there are no identifying photos on your profile, we 
> will be unable
> to confirm ownership and disclose any information or take action on that 
> account.
> 1. A salute is a current photo of you holding a handwritten sign with your 
> friend
> id. Your MySpace Friend ID is the last set of numbers in your URL in the 
> address
> bar of your internet browser. You can find your Friend ID by using Search 
> to look
> for your profile. (You do not have to log in to your profile to use this 
> feature.)
> 2. Reply to this email leaving the subject intact and attach your salute 
> to it. Or
> upload your salute to a web site and send us a link to the photo.
> 3. We will email your password to you. If you wish to change your email 
> address or
> password, be sure to include the ones you'd like to use in the message.
> Your salute will be used for identification purposes only. Please make 
> sure we can
> clearly see your face, your Friend ID, and your hands holding the sign.
> We do not accept birthdates as a means of verification.
> If you are a band profile, you are required to submit a salute and send 
> your request
> to
> musicsupport at myspace.com
> .
> We hope you found this information helpful. If this does not fully address 
> your question
> or concern, please reply directly to this email keeping the subject line 
> intact.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hello I am blind and can’t read the captcha to reset my
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