[Nfbc-info] Braille Carnival Needs Volunteers

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Jun 9 01:05:39 UTC 2009

I am Andrea Beasley Wisconsin Parents of Blind Children president. I 
was put in charge of the Braille Carnival and have been working very 
hard to put together
a great carnival that all will enjoy. I have come up with several 
activities that are all adapted carnival games. I am looking for 
volunteers for this
event. I will need a lot of help with this activity, please let me 
know if you can help out and where you like to help.

The list of games are as follows:

balloon pop with Braille notes hidden underneath

fishing for Braille letters

bean bag toss to make Braille letters and signs

face painting Braille letters and signs

no bake play dough using a Braille recipe

treasure hunt simplified

sand buckets with Braille to find within

Braille math games

quiet table with books, cards, etc...

ticket prize booth

This is where I am running into trouble, I was asked this weekend to 
have a separate activity for the middle school age kids because the 
thought is they
will not like these activities so I am now searching for ideas.

I hope all of this sounds fun and exciting to you. I know we have a 
volunteer with a latex allergy and I would love to know who this is 
and be able to talk
with them so if it is you please email me about this. I also have a 
need for someone who has had experience in face painting. I think I 
could do this activity
if no one feels they could do it.

I have a list of needed items so please write me and let me know if 
you have any of these items and would be willing to bring them with you.

tickets- each booth will be passing out tickets to the kids, like at 
a Chuck E. Cheese where they will spend it at the ticket booth

prizes for behind the ticket booth

small balloons- I am checking into nonlatex balloons

cork board to tac balloons and messages onto

darts to pop balloons

magnetic fishing poles

magnetic Braille print letters

small/baby inflatable swimming pool

small bean bags

muffin tins


dry oatmeal- because I think sand would just be too messy

slates, stylus, Braille writer, paper, Braille books of various 
levels, Brailled playing cards, Braille Uno, Brailled board games, 
etc... for quiet table

Brailled notes to place behind the balloons and for the clues for the 
treasure hunt- might need to be written that morning

face paint- preferably one that can be felt not just seen

I think that about covers what I had. Again I want to thank everyone 
for their help and effort that will be put into this fun event, I 
know my son is very
much looking forward to going to convention this year. We did not go 
last year because I could not travel but this year I will be glad to be back.

I will accept any ideas that you all have for the middle schoolers, I 
hated those years so I have blocked them out and don't remember what 
I liked to do
during that time. :)



Contact Info: 608-563-4708 home, 608-314-6384 cell,
abeasley at jb11.net 

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