[Nfbc-info] Opportunity to Participate in Research at NFB Convention

Riccobono, Mark MRiccobono at nfb.org
Fri Jun 12 04:07:05 UTC 2009

Dear Federationists,

A researcher planning to attend the NFB Convention in Detroit has 
asked us to distribute the following fo ryour consideration


Mark A. Riccobono

Executive Director, Jernigan Institute


Opportunity to Participate in Research!

Shannon B. Rinaldo, Ph.D. from Texas Tech University is seeking 
visually impaired adults ages 18-65 (older persons may also be 
considered) to participate in a research study while attending the 
National Federation of the Blind National Convention in Detroit July 
3-8, 2009. Scheduled sessions will be set as to not interfere with 
the general sessions of the conference. The study involves listening 
to or reading Braille advertisements and completing questionnaires. 
Braille readers are preferred but the study may be able to 
incorporate non-Braille readers. Participants will be paid $20 for 
one hour or less of their time. The study requires approximately 70 
participants. Contact Shannon Rinaldo via phone (859) 492-4939; email 
Shannon.rinaldo at ttu.edu; or contact her room at the Marriott 
Renaissance Center during the conference. Participants will be 
scheduled prior to the conference, so please contact the researcher 
as soon as you decide you are interested!

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