[Nfbc-info] Room or roommate needed for NFB convention in Detroit - Please circulate!

by way of David Andrews <dandrews@visi.com> LPovinelli at aol.com
Mon Jun 22 00:09:49 UTC 2009

Roommate or room request for NFB convention.  This fellow just found 
us last week at the 2nd American Bar Association Conference on the 
Employment of Lawyers with Disabilities.  Please let Brian know if 
you are able to help out!

From: <mailto:jbjones1978 at hotmail.com>jbjones1978 at hotmail.com

I am looking for someone willing to allow me to stay in their room 
(share costs of course), or if someone is canceling their 
reservation, I will be happy to take over their reservation. I have 
made my airplane reservations and will be in Detroit, July 2 through 
9. I really do not have specific requirements as far as a roommate 
goes. Ideally, I just hope that they are not a loud snorer or have to 
get up frequently due to sleeping problems that I have nightly.

If someone would be interested in me rooming with them, my contact 
information is jbjones1978 at hotmail.com and 662-801-5033. I will look 
forward to seeing you there.

Best regards,

Brian Jones

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