[Nfbc-info] The Seeing Eye 80th Anniversary on ThruOurEyes Internet Radio

Vincent Chaney vgc732 at optonline.net
Tue Jun 23 20:57:31 UTC 2009

Come One, Come All,

Please join Joseph Ruffalo, host of the ThruOurEyes Internet Radio 
Show, as he focuses on The Seeing Eye's 80th Anniversary. Joe will 
discuss the events which have been held so far and  celebrations yet 
to come. Joe will interview: Jim Kutsch, President and CEO; Rivi 
Israel, instructor; Roger Woodhour, volunteer puppy raiser; and 
Vincent Chaney, Seeing Eye Graduate.

Joe and Jim will discuss The Seeing Eye's programs and will touch 
upon the history of the school and the mission it continues to 
fulfill today and into the future.

Joe will then speak with Rivi Israel who is one of the instructors at 
The Seeing Eye. They will talk about Rivi's experiences training 
these special dogs and the instruction of the human partners once 
they have been matched with their dogs.

The conversation will then turn to Roger Woodhour and the role of 
puppy raisers. Some of the topics Joe and Roger will cover include 
the Puppy Development Program, early training of the pups, and 
exposure to the world that the dogs receive in preparation for their 
future as Seeing Eye dogs.

Joe will also talk with Vincent Chaney who partners with Randolph, a 
Yellow Labrador, and review Vincent's 28 years of working with 3 
Seeing Eye dogs. Their conversation will touch upon traveling into 
New York City to work, and their trips around the country for 
pleasure, work and the NFB National Conventions.

We especially wish to thank The Seeing Eye for their acceptance and 
participation in the show dedicated to and in honor of their 80th anniversary.

For those wishing to listen the evening of the show, the link to the 
ThruOurEyes.org - WTOE Radio Home - Windows Internet Explorer is:


The Wednesday, June 24th show will air at 5 PM PDT, 6 PM MDT, 7 PM 
CDT and 8 PM EDT. We are hoping that anyone who has an interest in 
the history of guide dogs, or in The Seeing Eye who pioneered dog 
guide services here in the USA, or who just has a love of dogs will 
listen in for this special show.

The ThruOurEyes Internet Radio Show is also available via an Internet 
Podcast. Should you miss the show and wish to listen, the information 
is available on JAWS friendly links on 

Vincent Chaney, NFBNJ Diabetes Division President ,
Co-chair Lead NJAGDU

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