[Nfbc-info] The bridge walk--publicizing as I can

Michael Peterson its.mike at att.net
Sun Oct 4 10:20:44 UTC 2009

Hi all. I know I don't discuss  this topic Braille literacy and the 
bridgewalk  much but I just sent an OT message to the gw-micro window-eyes 
list. I wanted to share it with you too! Maybe it will replace those 
vissions of sugar plumbs with some great promotional ideas.

I don't belong to to many large lists where blind people frequent outside of 
NFB lists, perhaps you do,  but I just finished an assignment for my 
advanced practicum and wanted to take a break and do something that felt 
good before going to bed.
Here is the message I sent feel free to cut paste and send to anyone you 
know!But, if your walking on the golden gate bridgewalk that is, replace my 
name with your own.
Also remove as does gw-micro.
The message reads:
Many of you use and recognize the importance of Braille as does GW Micro
with the introduction of software accessible to Braille displays.  For this
reason I make the following requests!
1.  If you can joined me and several others as we walk for Braille Literacy
on October 22 from 11:30 a.m.  to 2:00 p.m on the golden Gate bridge please
be there.
  We need as many blind people as possible to show visibly to the world how
very important Braille literacy is to us. If you know celebrities
dignitaries or other people of prominence who can help us spread this
 please encourage
them to come along too!
If you can walk please go to
 and fill out the walker
registration form.  You can walk with us if you like and even better yet,
have friends and family sponsor you as you walk for Braille Literacy across
the golden Gate bridge.
Friends and family who are interested are also invited to join our effort.
2.  If you can't be there but are willing please sponsor me, Michael
Peterson, by selecting my name and filling out the sponsor a walker form at
3.  You may not have seen the Braille silver dollars minted in honor of
Louis Braille's 200 birthday.  They really have Braille letters on them and
only 400,000 are in circulation so they will definitely be a collectible.
Buy one if you can before the end of December because the money raised will
be used to increase Braille literacy.
Any left after December 31 will be melted down.  The great news is more than
200,000 Braille Silver dollars have been sold so far.  They are a fantastic
Christmas or Hanukah  gift for the person who has everything!
They are also very very cool a great conversation piece.
Something you can hand down as an heirloom from generation to generation
like a gold watch, something no one else will have.
Oh and by the way if you wish please feel free to pass this message to
anyone who might be interested. I and the blind children of tomorrow thank
Thanks for reading!
God Bless:
Michael Peterson 

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