[Nfbc-info] Fight back, and don't let anyone rip you off!

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You fail to address the many blind persons that for economic and other 
reasons are forced to live in the gang infested areas that you refer to. 
Having at times lived in these areas myself and being on an irregular work 
schedule I have survived them being blind for many years. I have learned how 
to carry myself in a way that conveys self assurance and how to be observant 
of my surroundings. Yes, I have had a couple of incidents where I have had 
to protect and defend myself and on one occasion it resulted in injuries 
that required medical attention. However, I choose to fight back by 
confidently being in the situation taking charge of my environment. Yes, 
there are times when I call cabs as Fresno's public transportation is worse 
than Sacramento's. This however, is done more as a result of laziness rather 
than fear on my part.
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> First of all, I hope I got this right:  Angela and Mike: Did you mean to
> tell me, that being in these gang-related areas is, "unavoidable?"
> Here's another "devil's advocate" letter.  To start with, can you say yes
> to the following 3 questions?
> 1.  Do you feel safe using Sacramento Regional Transit?
> 2.  Do thugs care about our disabilities?
> 3.  Should we report suspicious activity, including the stalking of
> blind, or visually-impaired people, to law-enforcement personnel?
> If you said yes to all 3 of these questions, congratulations!  You now
> know what I'm getting at: We are not helpless, but the "thugs" want 
> nothing
> more, than to commit senseless acts against us.
> Mr. Joseph Webb, according to the Bee, has a past criminal record.  Then
> why does this "---" show sorrow for what he did?  That's really a slap in
> the face to Diane herself.
> As for Conventions, Mike, don't get me started on a blind organization,
> who hires "volunteers" for its Conventions.  Okay?  I'm mixing apples to
> oranges.  I'm supposed to be talking about a big dummy, who clocked Diane,
> leaving her unconscious.  And, again, at broad daylight, this could have
> been prevented.  Sadly, it wasn't, because a known troublemaker named
> Joseph Webb, decided to seek out someone all of you know, for "senseless"
> target practice?  So, I say: Educave, don't stay silent.
> Eric
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> --
> Take a stand!  Be a winner!  Be a team player!
> Because: Friends don't let friends be sore losers!
> Eric from Los Angeles!


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