[Nfbc-info] FW: Field Notes from the Meg Whitman Campaign -April30, 2010

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Sat May 1 20:47:21 UTC 2010

   Hi Chuc this is also to Jim's post down the line and like him I too do 
not presume to be list cop my only authority is to watch and provide food 
for thought.
Eric's message  was posted I'm told on both NFB and ACB list, same exact 
Without being critical this poster has a history of marching to the beat of 
his own drum and while he reads and responds as it suits him he posts the 
same way as well.
I'm not at all surprised that Mary's post was ignored.  Some have said 
Moderation isn't necessary but in some form it's all one can do.  Either 
moderate posters who have this type of history directly or remove them from 
the list or just keep admonishing and hope that someday they stop.
 In this posters view it most likely is very clear he is not the NFB, If one 
reads his messages in the archives it is evident his philosophy differs 
measurably, he's contraversial so perhaps  it's to him a "fredom of speech 
Mary on the otherhand might say it's a freedom of speech has limits issue.I 
may respect your right to say what you want yet not permit you to use vulgar 
language or act offensively or take control of my meeting classroom etc. I 
noticed the arena I will be graduating from has some very specific rules 
which when crossed will be grounds for security to remove you graduate or 
guest it matters not. Even at a baseball game whether amateur or pro guests 
and players are governed by rules of conduct.
Either way for the short term act or not reacting as I've seen a couple 
posts and republishing the offensive post only amplifies it.  For the long 
term the president and or board of directors will need to decide just how 
far they will allow the envelope to be pushed.
Perhaps the next step is a direct warning or perhaps we've gone beyond that.
We shall see.
 Mike Peterson
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> How does this relate to NFB philosophy and the purpose of this list as 
> explained in the email addressing this issueposted yesterday to the list 
> by NFB president Mary Willows? Please explain why this was posted in light 
> of that.
> Chuck Krugman

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