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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Wed May 5 04:34:46 UTC 2010

>From: Mary Watkins [mailto:mary_watkins at wgbh.org]
>Sent: Monday, May 03, 2010 2:20 PM
>To: Danielsen, Chris
>Subject: Hi Chris - New Resource
>I'm not sure if you saw this announcement yet, 
>in case you didn't, here it is.  We've been 
>asked since the DVS Home Video effort ended for 
>a one-stop resource for locating described 
>movies on DVD, and so now we've made 
>one.  Please share far and wide as you see fit.
>WGBH's Media Access Group, home to the 
>Descriptive Video Service (DVS®) has debuted two 
>new online resources today for fans of described 
>movies.  Both can be reached via a new, 
>easy-to-remember Web site address:  www.describedmovies.org
>1. DVS on DVD
>This page of our site has been updated to enable 
>description fans to learn about mainstream DVD 
>and Blu-ray discs that are available with audio 
>description, and provides a Amazon click through 
>option which takes you directly to the page of 
>amazon.com to order the disc. The DVD and 
>Blu-ray discs listed on the page are available 
>wherever discs are sold (online and in stores), 
>however clicking through our site to purchase 
>your movies will provide the Media Access Group 
>with a small percentage of the sales revenue, and helps support our efforts.
>(The hit comedy It's Complicated from Universal 
>Pictures Home Entertainment, starring Meryl 
>Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin is the 
>most recent movie released on DVD and Blu-ray with description.)
>2. Full List of DVS Movies
>This page lists every movie we've described for 
>television, cable, DVS Home Video and DVS 
>Theatrical (for movie theaters) since DVS 
>debuted as a service in 1990.  We're at nearly 
>800 films!  The list is sortable by movie title 
>or distributor (the company for which we 
>originally described the film). Ask for 
>described versions of movies from your 
>television, cable or satellite provider, from 
>movies by mail services and from Web sites which 
>offer streaming or downloadable movies.
>As always, www.mopix.org takes you to 
>information about movies offered with 
>description in theaters equipped with Motion 
>Picture Access systems.  And try 
>www.captionfish.com ­ you can type in your zip 
>code, set the search filter for DVS and find the 
>equipped theaters, described movies and accessible showtimes near you.
>We like hearing from you, so please let us know 
>what you think, and if you have suggestions for making our pages more helpful.
>Thank you.
>The Media Access Group at WGBH
>Boston – Los Angeles
>617 300-3700
><access at wgbh.htm>access at wgbh.org

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