[Nfbc-info] Talking thermostat?

Frida Aizenman nfbfrida at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 17:34:06 UTC 2015

Good morning.
This is Frida.
Please read this email in its entirety.
I own a VIP Talking Thermostat I bought eleven years ago. It still runs 
I don't think that thermostat exists any longer, but I haven't checked 
lately. It was from Cendero Groups. Michael May, was or is, the head.
In any event, here in Northern Nevada there is a new development.
You can download the mPower app from the app store. This is for both 
Android and iPhones.
Then you call the electric company which serves this area. It is called 
NV Energy.
They will give you for free a thermostat and you control the temperature 
with your cell phone.
The trouble is, it is not accessible to the blind. You can't set up the 
temperature, and you can't pay bills.
Here is an explanation of the thermostat.
Do to the fact that the thermostat is not accessible, conversations have 
already started with NV Energy, and at our NFB, Nevada State Convention 
in Las Vegas, a resolution addressing the problem was approved.

Regarding NV Energy and accessibility

Whereas, NV Energy is a leading provider of home energy services in 
Nevada; and

Whereas, accessibility of NV Energy's Echofactor Thermostat has a direct 
impact on the independence of blind consumers to control the climate in 
their homes; and

Whereas, IOS- and Android-eMpowered apps have been tested and found 
inaccessible; and,

Wheras attempts to approach NV Energy as individual customers with 
accessibility concerns have been received in good faith;

Therefore, be it resolved by the National Federation of the Blind of 
Nevada in Convention assembled this 1st day of November, 2015, in the 
city of Las Vegas, Nevada, that the National federation of the Blind of 
Nevada make a good faith effort to establish a working accessibility 
partnership with NV Energy according to the national standards, 
procedures, and guidelines set forth in the NFB National accessibility 
partnership strategy; and

Be it further resolved that the goals of this partnership should be: to 
render accessible all equipment, billing, customer service and support 
systems operated by NV Energy, and also to foster good will at NV Energy 
and assist the company to create a culture that fosters accessible 
design going forward.
On 12/15/2015 8:31 PM, Brian Buhrow via Nfbc-info wrote:
> 	hello Lisa.  Yes. I use one from talkingthermostats.com.  I have one
> at home and one at my office.  These are accessible programmable
> thermostats which work with all sorts of heating and cooling systems.
> Hairy Cohen is the owner of the company, based in Minnesota, and he is very
> helpful when it comes to telling you what you need and helping any heating
> and cooling  technicians you hire to install the things how to get them to
> work.  Prices range from $100 to $200 depending on what kind of
> heating/cooling system you have.  I've had the one at my house for over 10
> years.  The replacement warranty is 5 years, which is very good.
> Hope that helps.
> -Brian
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> } I'm wondering if anyone knows of a talking thermostat.
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