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    In many instances language that is part of job descriptions is generic 
and boiler plate in nature. The best thing for you to do is to apply for the 
position if you are interested and wait to see if you are granted an 
interview. There are questions that cannot be asked during an interview as 
it relates to disability. The issue arises when and if you are not granted 
an interview or if you are granted an interview and it appears that you are 
not considered in the same manner as other applicants. If these issues or 
circumstances arise you can consider taking appropriate legal action under 
the ADA or under California law. While I am not an attorney you can contact 
me off line to discuss specifics.
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Hello all,

I'm looking for someone who can address the following question. Can a 
California employer require sight and hearing as he sensual function of the 
job if the job requires office work teaching and traveling around the 

A few weeks ago I received a job announcement. In that job announcement the 
employer was requiring sight and hearing to perform the functions of the job 
mentioned above. I did contact someone who I know if the agency and 
recommended that they remove these items from the job posting.

I received a response from this person that I know at the agency. She 
reminded me that below this requirement they also included the fact that 
they would provide reasonable accommodations.

I contend that perform these particular tasks sight and hearing is not 
required. It seems to me that it's a given that employer would provide 
reasonable accommodations.

If there are any California statutes regulations or laws addressing this 
particular topic with someone please send this information to me off-line?

Lisa Irving
peacefulwoman89 at cox.net

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