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I label all of my receipts in Braille.  This can happen in several ways.  If
I don't need to keep the receipt for a long period I just Braille right on
the receipt and keep it in my mail basket until I know I don't need it
anymore.  If it is a large purchase or something that has a warranty I label
it with a 3 by 5 card, on which I put the name of the store, the daten the
item purchased, and the amount paid.  If I am thinking straight I will also
state the length of the warranty.  I have a Receipts folder in my filing
cabinet so that they are all in one place.  However, if you do not use
Braille, there is a device called a Pen Friend, with which you can label
almost anything in the world with an audio device which you record with your
own voice.  I teach this stuff all of the time, so if this is something you
need to explore further, please feel free to contact me at
janadlittrell at gmail.com.  If you don't have a method of labeling it can turn
your life into what feels like an out-of-control mess, so don't hesitate to
be in touch if you need more help.  Thank you for contacting us; this is
what we are here to do. 


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What do you do to tell your receipts apart without scanning every single
receipt? I shop at bed bath and beyond from time to time and in order to
return something you have to have the original receipt. However all of the
receipts are just a piece of paper. I tried explaining to the person on the
phone that I am blind and cannot tell one receipt from the other, but they
said if I did not have my original receipt they would deduct 20% off of the
original purchase price.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! As I do not want to lose that
20% just because I am blind. 

I find the same thing at target.

I like that staples will E-mail the receipt and so will the Apple Store
making it easy and accessible, but majority of stores won't.
Thank you for your advice have a good day.

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