[Nfbc-info] Victor Reader Stream and Brailliant updates available

Frida Aizenman nfbfrida at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 15:13:04 UTC 2016

I have a question.

At the moment, I do recordings on my iPhone, but the problem is that, 
when I rewind, it does it in 12 minute increments, and then 35 minute 

I also own a small Olympic digital recorder. It does the same thing.

Does the Victor Reader Stream let you rewind in a matter of seconds like 
old tape recorders let you do?


On 9/14/2016 7:57 AM, nancy Lynn via NFBC-Info wrote:
> I got this from the stream list and thought you'd want to see it in case
> you're not on that list.
> Have fun, everyone!
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> Subject: Victor Reader Stream and Brailliant updates available
> Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2016 08:10:25 -0600
> From: HumanWare <marcom at humanware.com>
> To: kim at mysticaccess.com
> Victor Reader Stream and Brailliant updates coming Wednesday Sept 14
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> New updates for Stream and Brailliant
>     Victor Reader Stream and Brailliant updates available
> September 14, 2016 -- HumanWare announces the immediate release of
> Stream version 4.7 and Brailliant version 2.2. The following are the
> feature enhancements which users will immediately see:
>       Victor Reader Stream Version 4.7
>   * *Support for subscribing and unsubscribing to NFB Newsline
>     publications directly on the Stream (U.S. only).* Now similar to
>     subscribing to podcasts, you can subscribe to Newsline publications
>     via your Stream’s online capability. In the past NFB Newsline users
>     needed to handle the subscriptions using their computer’s internet
>     browser. Today you can search for a news publication you want to
>     always have on your Stream, subscribe to it, and you will always
>     have the daily newspaper with your morning coffee.
>   * *Support for keeping specific NFB Newsline books (U.S. only). * In
>     addition to handling the subscriptions to Newsline content directly
>     on the Stream, now you can save daily versions of a publication for
>     later use, just by tapping the 3 key.
>   * *Ability to sync your time with an Internet time server.* After you
>     update and connect to your Wi-Fi, first set your time to the current
>     time in your time zone. After this initial setting is done, your
>     Stream will always keep its time, as it is constantly validating its
>     time with a network time server. And if you are someone who prefers
>     to have their clocks set 5 minutes fast, have no fear as you can
>     continue doing so. After you set it 5 minutes fast, it will continue
>     being synchronized at that specific time until you change it again.
> picture of a Stream
> This version is live now and Streams connected to WIFI will begin
> receiving notifications that a new version is available. The support web
> page will gradually be updated with the new software versions, for those
> users who prefer to manually update.
>       Brailliant Version 2.2
>   * *Introduces HID over Bluetooth.*In addition to offering a more
>     stable USB HID experience, Brailliant version 2.2 offers the same
>     solid connection over Bluetooth.
>   * *Channel Switching Hotkey:*Now if you are connected to your PC via
>     USB and you also have your Brailliant paired to your phone.
> picture of a Brailliant
> This version update is also live now and will be available when you
> connect your Brailliant to your computers and run the Brailliant BITools
> software application, selecting the "Update Brailliant Firmware" button.
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