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Wed Nov 6 15:16:14 UTC 2019

Aira is very excited to be a partner with  the NFB California at this
weekend's convention. To help you get ready to use Aira, we're sending a
quick and easy way to download our app onto your smart phone and get started
with access to visual information. 


You can text NCA  to 24729. 


You'll receive a text message back with a special link to download the Aira
app directly to your smart phone. 


If you have an iPhone, you may need your Apple ID to confirm the download.
Downloads will be automatic on android devices. 


Once you've downloaded our app, just sign in with your phone number. A code
will be sent to you.  Enter the code and you're in! No credit card needed,
and all calls under five minutes are free. Also, all calls while at the
Embassy Suites are free and unlimited.


Making your first Aira call is simple. In the middle of the screen is a
button reading Call Aira from phone. Double tap it and get connected to a
highly trained agent who can describe any visual information you need. 


If you're not sure about all this, visit Mike Hingson, our Aira Ambassador
at the convention. He can help you get started. 


Want more information about Aira? Call us at 1.800.835.1934 or learn about
us at www.aira.io <http://www.aira.io> ., 



Best Regards,



Michael Hingson


The Michael Hingson Group, INC.

"Speaking with Vision"

Michael Hingson, President

(415) 827-4084

info at michaelhingson.com

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