[Nfbespanol-talk] Contracted Spanish Braille Code

Zach zm290 at msstate.edu
Mon Apr 11 01:10:06 UTC 2016

Apreciados Seños:



Presently I am a masters student at Mississippi State University in the
department of Animal and Dairy Sciences and have been blind since the age of
four. It is my intention to become certified in Unified English Literary
Braille, Nemeth and tactile graphic design; and thereafter contract my
services as a proof reader. From my family connections in Isabela, PR, I was
curious about the demand for Braille proof readers, and what certification
is required for transcribing Spanish Braille. It was then I learned that
Spanish, like English has two grades. 


I would appreciate if someone could tell me some about the Braille code
Puerto Rico is currently using, or any reference material (Spanish or
English) that could help me to learn about the PR code. Additionally, any
information about certification exams PR requires of its transcribers would
be most welcome. Although my Spanish is far from proficient, it is my
intention to obtain fluency after graduation. 








Zachary Mason

M.S. Student

Animal and Dairy Sciences

Mississippi State University




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