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I wish I had the answer. There has yet to be a company that has been able to address these issues much less correct them. I thought we were supposed to ride free if they were outside the window, or at least that's what they announced years ago. I also thought they (paratransit) were not supposed To get reimbursed from the Feds when a trip went haywire. We all know they aren't going to tattle on themselves. We need someone to complain to other than TARC, who has their finger in the pie as well. I wonder what the chances of or getting a meeting with the new company would be? 
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> Why is that TARC/paratransit can all of these rules that the customer must
> follow and consequences for not following them but, the customer has no
> course of action?
> As customers we have to sit around and wait for at least thirty minutes and
> only have five minutes to actually get on the bus before you are left. If
> you are left, they mark as a no show and when you have accumulated enough of
> these, you are penalized by not have riding privileges for a certain amount
> of time.
> However, when a driver claims that you are a no show and that they were
> there and asked around, the customer receives no compensation for waiting
> until an hour after their pick up time to find out that the driver went to
> the wrong place. Oops, he just glanced at the manifest and assumed he knew
> where he was going. And wow, what a shock that I wasn't there.
> It is not right that we still have pay for a ride, receive a no show, and
> wait even longer for an actual ride after the church has been locked up.
> The last ride I had was also a no show. After waiting thirty minutes, I
> called to find out where my ride was. The answer was that it would be at
> least another 20 minutes because of traffic. If I had waited for that driver
> to show, I would have been a no show for my return trip because the meeting
> was only an hour long. That time, I had another mode of transportation as an
> option, but what if I didn't.
> I know I should be grateful to have any transportation, but it is really
> frustrating to follow all the rules and still be penalized.
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