[NFBK] TARC Updates

Lonnie Swafford lonnie.swafford at nfbofky.org
Mon Jul 26 20:54:41 UTC 2021

TARC Updates:


(1). Mask Requirements:


Per The TARC website, the wearing of masks remain a requirement until
September 13 per the TSA Security Directive 1582/84-21-01.


(2). We Need To Hear From You! 


TARC has responded to the complaints received by sending a letter both via
text message and printed copy by mail to TARC3 passengers. In short, the
letter appears to show TARC recognizes that issues exist and are working
toward resolving them. While the letter focuses on driver shortages as the
main issue, we know that other problems can and do occur as a result of
various factors surrounding training and safety. With TARC committing to
improve the quality of service it is essential that we ensure they will
deliver. Please send any and all complaints so we can verify if TARC keeps
the promise to restore confidence in the service and fulfil its obligations.
Now more than ever, your feedback is requested. Help us by reporting issues
promptly both to TARC and using the methods outlined here. 


(3). New way to Report Concerns:


Recognizing that Facebook allows for information to be quickly shared and to
reach the broadest audience possible, after filing a complaint with TARC you
also may send them to the hashtag #tarc3trouble. This will allow for all
issues relating to TARC3 and fixed route services to be catalogued in one
place and shared as appropriate. Alternatively please send your complaints
to TARC advocacy inbox at the email address: tarcadvocacy at gmail.com . The
survey remains available for those who have not yet completed it to record
issues with TARC at the link:

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