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Welcome to the list, Ray.  I believe you will get the support you need
from this list and the people in this organization.  I've been blind
since birth due to congenital glaucoma.  I am the Braille instructor for
a rehabilitation program in Detroit.  My degree is in special education
of visually impaired children.  Someday I may end up teaching in the
schools, if and when the right opportunity comes along.  

Like the Wilcox's, I'm typing this message with a computer that has the
JAWS screen-reading system on it.  I do not have a home computer at this
time.  Screen reading programs are designed to read what is being typed
as well as what appears on the screen such as when looking up
information on a website.  No question is dumb, so please keep them
coming.  Your adjustment to vision loss will be enhanced by having any
questions or concerns answered.


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I am new to this site and to the possibility of total blindness.  Two
years ago I sustained a CRVO of my left eye which has left me legally
blind in my left eye.  I recently visited the Mayo Clinic where a
retinal specialist took photos of my right eye and determined that I had
atherosclerotic changes in my right eye that may result in the same
thing happening in my good right eye in the future.  I am taking blood
thinners...low dose aspirin and fish oil to keep my blood thin to
hopefully prevent that in my good right eye.  I have had numerous eye
operations and procedures in my left eye over the past two years and am
scheduled to have a silicone oil bubble placed in my left eye on Dec.
3rd. for 6-12 mos. or indefinitely depending on how I tolerate it to
control the bleeds that I've been having in my left eye which keep me
from seeing anything at all out of my left eye.  The CRVO has gone from
non ischemic to ischemic and has resulted in neovascular glaucoma for
which I am also being treated.

I decided to get involved in the NFB now to prepare for what might
happen with my good right eye in the future.  At this time there is no
known long term cure or treatment for CRVO short of a stem cell retinal
implant, which my doctor thinks may be a possibility yet in my lifetime,
but I am not that optimistic, and am doubtful if my vision will ever
return to what it was prior to the CRVO.  I plan on learning braille as
well since I love to read, write, play chess, and do so many other
things that require sight, but I am not willing to give them up if I can
learn to deal with potential blindness.  I am 68 years of age and the
thought of losing all of my vision is almost impossible to deal with at
this point in time, but I need to prepare for that possibilitiy.  Any
correspondence from anyone would be very much appreciated.  Thank you.

Ray Juliano
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