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Tonya Smith tonyasmith75 at live.com
Mon Dec 13 18:12:59 UTC 2010

Hi, well I finally got back on the list. I just wanna wish everybody a merry Christmas and that it's you know getting colder out there. Hopefully you stay warm. I'm sitting here with some hot coco. And I'm glad that this Bill for the for the registration past about the. about the pedestrian safety act. I'm glad of that. So and by the way. This is to David. I found a air freshener. It's not what you have. It's a machine and it has a. and it goes off every 36 minutes and it's container that you put in there. And I got (spice?) you got is the warming fire. Spice. There's (warning?) fire and then there's vanilla cream or something like that. So yeah, and. Again, how much that cost? That cost less than yours I believe. So something like that. I forget how much that cost but so yup. I got that. Anyway, other than that I'll speak to all of you later

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