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Hi, Fred. Well, okay. What? When I get the Sirius Satellite radio hook up. Play some stuff for you. Now I got a question. I know that a lot of stations they have right stations and left stations. What's the difference between the 2? I mean, is it different stuff. I need. you know, size of the spectrum or what?. I've always wondered that I'd like to have right comedy and left comedy and right (track?) talk and left (track?) talk. What's the difference, you know? (Well?), you can appreciate the dolphins. That's funny. Well. Well, you know what? That's okay. There's a lot of things I don't appreciate like sour (??), nasty toxic waste. I like Bavarian which is sweeter but I don't. So I don't buy it 'cause I mean it's good to know. But only on certain occasions I will. Actually, I haven't even bought it. So and I guess when I do. I don't eat the whole thing. It's like olive. They tend to be overpowering, you know, at times. you know, especially if you eat a whole lot of 'em, you know, all at once in one sitting. You know, it's like you know. so. that's what it's like. But anyway, so yeah, well. All right. Well, I will speak to you later. and hey, did you know that jealousy is

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> Hi Tonya,
> I am jealous of your radio.  I love radios.I can't really appreciate your
> Miami Dolphins thing, but hey, to each his/her own. (smile)
> Best Regards,
> Fred
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> Hey, this is Tanya.  I just want everyone to know what I got for Christmas.
> I got a Series Satellite Radio from my husband, Greg, and that's gonna be
> hooked up tomorrow and I'm really excited 'coz there's a lot of stuff on it,
> so he's gonna find the best package, the cheapest package if there is one
> and well, let me see.  I got some... I got hat and gloves.  I got candy, I
> got... does anybody remember those little shots of airplane bottles?  Does
> anyone remember those?  And, let me see, I got some flavored cappuccino.  I
> got a cushion for the couch.  I got a Miami Dolphin signature sweatshirt
> with the logo on it and everything and, by the way, they lost.  I don't
> wanna hear about it in case anyone mentions it ha ha ha 'coz I'm a big Miami
> Dolphin fan.  I got some stone coasters.  Oh, let me see.  I got some
> deodorant, lotion and... oh, let me see.  A lot of stuff, so anyway, that's
> just some of the stuff I got.  So, anyway, I'll speak to all of you later.
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