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Tonya Smith tonyasmith75 at live.com
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Hi, this is Tonia. I got a little independent question to ask all of you, and I'm trying to get the ACB to do this but they won't do it because Sharon (Lovering?) from the Editor, from the. Form, I hate politics. Well the our whole lives is based around. Hello. But anyway, what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to. okay, the ACB. you know how they have a ACB radio and it's all done by computer and everything, right? Well, not everybody has computers. Not everybody can afford them. So, what I'm trying to have her. Is pushed for a band on the regular radio or a specialized radio. That (canterri?) the ACB signal. And it. And according, it will have a toll-free number so people can participate. But I have sent her a voicemail about 3 years ago, no response. And I'm trying to go through you guys and see what you guys think. And you know the same goes with the you know how you guys have a long distance number for listening to what's going on in the meeting and what not. Well

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