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Well. And according to what I think that I know that you guys have a long distance number from people like me who are in a fee members at large or are going to be next year. And they don't have computers but they're kind of limited on their long distance. Again, there should be a specialize radio with a toll free number so people can participate. And a monthly donation of $25 for every listener. Might might help it to keep to keep the toll free number so I just wanted to know what all of you guys thought I. Some sweet are striving for independence and stuff like that. I do think this is feasible, I do think, this, I do this makes sense. I really do. Unless all of you guys are willing to. Unless all of you guys are willing to like an (??) dogs. Fond for people to have computers and you see a blind operated cars you guys are talking about and everything unless you guys are willing to do that, that's great but if not, then find another way you know and maybe I'm hitting something that nobody wants to talk about. I'm wondering why

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