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Mother of alleged sex assault victims comes forward after seeing story on WHAS11


by Adam Walser




Posted on August 30, 2010 at 5:28 PM


Updated Monday, Aug 30 at 5:29 PM



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• Prominent member of local organization accused of sexually abusing a child

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Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) - The mother of two alleged sexual assault victims has come forward after a WHAS11 News investigation about an administrator at

the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville.


Earlier this month, WHAS11 reported that Darrell Buford was indicted on 10 felony charges involving a Louisville teenager.


Now we've learned similar allegations against Buford date back more than two decades.

After the WHAS11 story about Darrell Buford aired a little more than a week ago, we were contacted by a woman who says she knows what the family of the

latest victim is going through, since her own family went through it twice before.


The old typewritten pages of police reports disclose secret horrors young boys endured in the home of Darrell Buford.


"Father came in with his clothes off and threw him in the bed" said one boy, who says he was then sodomized and abused.


"This has happened five times in a row," reported another victim.


Buford admitted abusing four young boys in 1991.


Two were the sons he adopted from a woman named “KC”, who had to put them up for adoption after a divorce and financial hardship in the 1980’s.


“No one should have to suffer what I've seen my two boys suffer and are still suffering,” KC said.


“It's ruined their lives. It's ruined their lives,” points out her husband.


The crimes happened in Bowling Green.

Buford pleaded guilty in 1991 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.


At his trial, he testified that he himself was sexually abused decades earlier while a student at the Kentucky School for the Blind in Louisville.


Buford received shock probation 8 months later after being abused himself in prison.


He returned to the same house in Bowling Green where his victims still lived and his wife had custody.


At that time, the sex offender registration laws had not gone into effect.


“The system has failed and it is failing every day,” said KC.


Within years, Buford was arrested again for abusing his adopted sons.


That trial ended in a hung jury in 1997.


Buford eventually moved to Louisville where he became an administrator for the American Printing House for the Blind, one of the largest non-profit organizations

serving the blind community.


WHAS11 found him working there ten days ago.


The printing house is on the same campus as the Kentucky School for the Blind, where Buford testified he was first molested and where he served five years

as the Alumni Association President.


WHAS11 asked the American Printing House for the Blind if Buford had undergone a background check, if he had told his coworkers about his past and if he

was still working there.


APH President Dr. Tuck Tinsley said in an e-mail “The privacy and confidentiality rights of all involved preclude me from responding to your inquiries."


Buford was indicted in March on 10 felony counts involving a former teenage neighbor in Louisville.


“I was furious. I was angry at the legal system. I was frustrated,” said the latest alleged victim’s mother.


“I got angry all over again, because this has been going on for over 24 years,” said KC.


Buford's adopted sons reportedly have had to undergo counseling and one has ended up in prison repeatedly.


Both sets of victims WHAS11 talked to say they believe there may be other victims out there.

They encourage them to contact police.


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