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We Are Not the Enemy


April 13, 2011








Yesterday I was in on the Service Delivery and Design meeting of the Michigan Commission for the Blind via teleconference. Among other interesting items, of which there were many Leemon Jones brought up the difficulties with getting employment closures in this tough job market. There were several counselors who variously blamed this or that, some with merit and some not. But, Beth White who is a central Regional Supervisor pointed to the real problem. For she basically blamed blind customers. Yea, the comment is sarcastic. She basically said that people don’t want to work or a large amount don’t and only want MCB to get the person this or that. A few counselors sensing blood in the water like sharks started to pile on too. This goes to the anti-consumer mind set so prevalent in MCB.


Of course, I chimed in and re-directed the conversation. But, I should have said I know several blind people who are qualified to work and who wish to work. They are:


-Dave Robinson

-Fred Wertzel

-Christine Boone

-Terry Eagle

-John McMahan

-Ron Fellows

-Richard Kent

-Bob Arnold

- Hazell Brooks



And the countless others who have been employed either directly in the agency or through the agency in BEP, but who have been thrown under the bus. Now, we know of these folks within MCB itself. How, can we not see the gross incompetence and the petty and out of control anti-blind mind set that makes MCB a “closure” joke outside of the organization?


Oh, and where will the likes of Beth White be if all those dastardly blind folks, who are such nuisances went away?> Oh, my I hate the mind set of the custodians who think that these Vocational Rehabilitation programs are for their employment only.


I did bring up though that BEP is the state’s largest single employer of blind folks and we’ve had a lot of garbage in that program alone.


Anyway what is wrong with the picture of a blind VR program who is supposed to help blind folks garner meaningful employment and who, in documented fashion so abuses and by hook and crook fires so many qualified blind folks in documented fashion?




Joe Harcz


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