[nfbmi-talk] replying to independence and cane use

Lydia Schuck laschuck at juno.com
Fri Apr 15 15:02:17 UTC 2011

 Hi Everyone, 
I am wearing my mom hat as I write to tell you that Anna (age 18) has now
moved into the house across the street.  She will have the set-up to cook
there, though many of you know that food is a challenge to Anna and she
may want to live on donuts and chocolate milk.  She hates the way food
feels in her mouth, which is part of her autism.

Anyway on the subject of independence and cane use, Anna is going back
and forth across the street many times a day on our somewhat rural 2 lane
road.  I worry about her at night, so this is a bigger adjustment for me
than her I think. But I realize that if i follow her around she will not
believe in herself...and I actually do believe in her abilities, so I
need to show her that by being very unimpressed that she is doing so

Anna has many many issues as many of you know, but she is moving forward,
and that is what we wanted for her since she was born under two pounds,
very ill, 18 years ago.  Lydia

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