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Minutes state board meeting 1/20/2011

By Michael Powell


First vice president Michael Powell called the teleconference state board
meeting to order at 8:41 Pm.    Board members present were Michael Powell,
Treasurer Mary Wurtzel, Dave Robinson, Marcus Simmons, Donna Posont and
President Larry Posont, who checked into the meeting briefly while on a
train trip back home.

The minutes from the previous meeting had been sent out and Dave Robinson
made the motion to approve and the motion passed.

Mary Wurtzel gave the treasurer's report.  We have $3,209.94 in our
affiliate account.  We received $2,070     in the form of a grant donation
that is to be deposited into the account as soon as all the signature cards
involved in the latest transfer of officers have been filed.  This will give
us a total of $5,289.94 in the affiliate account.  Marcus Simmons made the
motion to approve and the treasurer's report was accepted.

Other members and visitors on the phone with us were invited to introduce
themselves.  There were about four or five others on line with us.

Michael Powell gave a brief presidential report from information provided by
President Larry Posont.  We received a letter from President Maurer thanking
us for the donation we sent to our national office from the bequest we had
received.  Dave Robinson asked if we received the informational packet
concerning applying to be an exhibitor at our national convention.

Michael Powell commented that he did see the email concerning it and
believed that president Posont had all the necessary information, but would
double check to make sure.

We then briefly discussed some of the details concerning the Washington

Michael Powell gave a quick Newsline update.  He reported that he worked
with Georgia Kitchen on the Newsline website learning to add and delete
items as needed for our information channel as he will be helping with this
aspect of the service.  We also discussed some ideas regarding future
funding of Newsline and letting our legislators know about it in any packets
we prepare in introducing them to our organization and the issues we are
most concerned with.

There was then a discussion of the email that had been sent out by John
Scott concerning the proposed contract involving arrangements for bus
transportation for our affiliate to national convention.  President Posont
requests that all chapter presidents pole their members and have a report
ready for our February 12 state board meeting so we can gage the amount of
interest there is in this in order to make a final decision and pursue
further as needed.

The proposed contract would provide a 55 passenger bus at a cost of $7,000.

Dave Robinson then outlined some of the arrangements for the February 12
state board meeting.  It will be held at the Guyer community center in
Lansing, 2400 Hall Street from 11: am to 4: pm.  Lunch will be provided with
our usual arrangement of $5 per person.


Under new business Mary Wurtzel reported that there was a meeting of the C I
C and that Fred Wurtzel could give a report on it at the February 12
meeting.  Michael Powell reported that our membership committee chaired by
Kim Mohnke had its first meeting and that a report would also be given on
that at the February meeting.  Dave Robinson told us that as one of our
members has moved to an area where there is no local chapter she would
definitely be interested in working with us on coordinating and developing
our members at large chapter. 

There was no further business.  We set a tentative time of February 3, at
8:30 pm for our next teleconference as our members should be back from
Washington seminar.  Check your Emails for further details.

Dave then made the motion to adjourn and Marcus seconded and the meeting
adjourned at 9:15 PM.       


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