[nfbmi-talk] Voice on the Go generated email

Tonya Smith tonyasmith75 at live.com
Sun Feb 20 14:19:41 UTC 2011

Hey Fred, its Tonya. You know what, and I forgot to tell you the only thing about Voice on the Go is that you don't have to worry about spelling, even though that it, even though, you know, it pronounces a word wrong or something. But the thing is, is that voice message will come in two forms, voice and text. Now if you have speakers on your computer, then you can just hear the message. You don't have to click onto the link. Now, what I wish everybody could do, and I think this would be really cool, is that, just for an experiment. I wish everybody could sign up with Voice on the Go and I'll tell you why. Because one, I've always wondered what people sounded like behind the computers. And two, it probably would make the meetings a lot, maybe, I don't know, better. You know, because that way people can actually hear what people are saying and they can tell if the person is joking, or sounding sarcastic. Or, you know, because the tone of someone's voice says a lot more then writing, because writing basically hides the emotion, you know, and it doesn't, and it really doesn't tell a lot. You know, so, yep, so, what do you all think about that?

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