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The Birding class sounds great!  I took a couple of ornithology classes and 
keep birds myself.  It would be nice to hook up with your class sometime!
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> The 2011 class "Birding by Ear" will be meeting for the first time this 
> year
> on Febuary 19 at the Environmental Interpretive Center in Dearborn,
> Michigan.  We will be studying winter birds such as the black capped
> chickadee and the northern cardinal. We have the privilege of enjoying 
> these
> friends through the winter as they prepare for their noisy spring mating
> season. In order to properly kick off our new year of birding we are
> planning a special trip this Saturday to Nature Discovery in Williamston,
> Michigan. We will be learning about the Michigan owls and for a special
> treat, walking into the evening woods to interact with screech owls or
> whatever the night woods brings forth. The group has been kept small for
> obvious reason, but if you are still interested in joining us we have room
> for a couple more bird brains. Please contact me if you wish to attend the
> Michigan Owl night. Thanks for your interest and happy birding, Donna 
> Posont
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> Subject: [nfbmi-talk] Minutes state board meeting 1/20/2011
>> Minutes state board meeting 1/20/2011
>> By Michael Powell
>> First vice president Michael Powell called the teleconference state board
>> meeting to order at 8:41 Pm.    Board members present were Michael 
>> Powell,
>> Treasurer Mary Wurtzel, Dave Robinson, Marcus Simmons, Donna Posont and
>> President Larry Posont, who checked into the meeting briefly while on a
>> train trip back home.
>> The minutes from the previous meeting had been sent out and Dave Robinson
>> made the motion to approve and the motion passed.
>> Mary Wurtzel gave the treasurer's report.  We have $3,209.94 in our
>> affiliate account.  We received $2,070     in the form of a grant 
>> donation
>> that is to be deposited into the account as soon as all the signature
>> cards
>> involved in the latest transfer of officers have been filed.  This will
>> give
>> us a total of $5,289.94 in the affiliate account.  Marcus Simmons made 
>> the
>> motion to approve and the treasurer's report was accepted.
>> Other members and visitors on the phone with us were invited to introduce
>> themselves.  There were about four or five others on line with us.
>> Michael Powell gave a brief presidential report from information provided
>> by
>> President Larry Posont.  We received a letter from President Maurer
>> thanking
>> us for the donation we sent to our national office from the bequest we 
>> had
>> received.  Dave Robinson asked if we received the informational packet
>> concerning applying to be an exhibitor at our national convention.
>> Michael Powell commented that he did see the email concerning it and
>> believed that president Posont had all the necessary information, but
>> would
>> double check to make sure.
>> We then briefly discussed some of the details concerning the Washington
>> seminar.
>> Michael Powell gave a quick Newsline update.  He reported that he worked
>> with Georgia Kitchen on the Newsline website learning to add and delete
>> items as needed for our information channel as he will be helping with
>> this
>> aspect of the service.  We also discussed some ideas regarding future
>> funding of Newsline and letting our legislators know about it in any
>> packets
>> we prepare in introducing them to our organization and the issues we are
>> most concerned with.
>> There was then a discussion of the email that had been sent out by John
>> Scott concerning the proposed contract involving arrangements for bus
>> transportation for our affiliate to national convention.  President 
>> Posont
>> requests that all chapter presidents pole their members and have a report
>> ready for our February 12 state board meeting so we can gage the amount 
>> of
>> interest there is in this in order to make a final decision and pursue
>> further as needed.
>> The proposed contract would provide a 55 passenger bus at a cost of
>> $7,000.
>> Dave Robinson then outlined some of the arrangements for the February 12
>> state board meeting.  It will be held at the Guyer community center in
>> Lansing, 2400 Hall Street from 11: am to 4: pm.  Lunch will be provided
>> with
>> our usual arrangement of $5 per person.
>> Under new business Mary Wurtzel reported that there was a meeting of the 
>> C
>> I
>> C and that Fred Wurtzel could give a report on it at the February 12
>> meeting.  Michael Powell reported that our membership committee chaired 
>> by
>> Kim Mohnke had its first meeting and that a report would also be given on
>> that at the February meeting.  Dave Robinson told us that as one of our
>> members has moved to an area where there is no local chapter she would
>> definitely be interested in working with us on coordinating and 
>> developing
>> our members at large chapter.
>> There was no further business.  We set a tentative time of February 3, at
>> 8:30 pm for our next teleconference as our members should be back from
>> Washington seminar.  Check your Emails for further details.
>> Dave then made the motion to adjourn and Marcus seconded and the meeting
>> adjourned at 9:15 PM.
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