[nfbmi-talk] Voice on the Go generated email

Tonya Smith tonyasmith75 at live.com
Sun Feb 20 14:15:30 UTC 2011

Please, what you all with you guys think about that. Have you guys ever thought about trying it because I was in a cooking list and I had an experience and this brings me in Veronica and that's what I am talking about a funny experience with voice was taken away because people, they did not like clicking on the voice and what not and so on and so forth. And I was going to tell people to sign up for Voice on the Go in that list because I had experienced where I would be, you know, either make a joke or something like that and of course I am a very funny person depending on a situation. And a lot of times, moderator. She would not like it and people would take it seriously and sometimes even she took it seriously and took it very sarcastically and what not. And a lot of times I got accused of it and that make me think hey, would not just be cool if people could just try it, sign up for Voice on the Go for one or two months or years or so you know, just to try it. You know. And that way, people can actually know, meet better and know themselves better and know other people better because people's voice says

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