[nfbmi-talk] Voice on the Go generated email

Tonya Smith tonyasmith75 at live.com
Sun Feb 20 14:18:06 UTC 2011

Because, like I said, people's voice say so much that way because it doesn't hide sarcasm, it doesn't hide laughter because the problem with writing, okay, especially with Voice on the Go, is that when you have, is that when you say okay, you're joking or you laugh, the Voice on the Go doesn't pick that up and that's the bad thing. And, maybe after this experiment, maybe people will like it, maybe people will want to go back to writing and maybe people will realize that when I say I'm joking, I'm joking instead of assuming other things behind it like I'm being a brat or something. But like I said, this just has nothing to do with me. I think this will benefit everybody, I think, and this might cause a lot of less conflict on this list and maybe others and maybe can be passed around to other list, you never know. So, what do all of you think? Please let me know.

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