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Refer to Mr. Wertzel's comments in this old post.

All of these things are taken away by EO 2012-10.

In other words the MCB Board with its policy making authority and 
quasi-judicial role to make the final agency determination on ALJ decisions 
is destroyed! Destroyed! And more destroyed!

This Executive Order and the State Plan also violate key provisions of the 
Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended and articulated elsewhere and vest all 
authorities over everything in the hands of LARA personnell.

LARA personnell know nothing about rehabilitation of the blind. Nothing!

I cannot understand the shift in positions here over time and effectively 
and openly caving to grossly illegal, immoral and unethical assaults against 
all people who are blind in Michigan by the EO and the lunatic state plan.

Joe Harcz

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> Greetings Fello Federationistss,
> Yesterday's Commission meeting was quite gratifying for those of us, (the
> NFBM) who have been working to reform the Commission.  Everything 
> discussed
> in the public part of the meeting, (we cannot say for certain what was
> discussed in the closed meeting) was on our agenda for the Board.  We
> presented our issues at the march meeting and they were considered in a
> special closed meeting yesterday.   We have succeeded in causing them to
> deal with our issues. The best part is that they decided to do the things 
> we
> asked.
> 1. We told the Board they had the power to write policy for the agency.
> Their attorney General representative told them in the public meeting, in
> answer to a direct question from Mike Geno, that they, indeed may write
> policy.  This is huge!  The board can now deal directly with such policy
> matters as the college policy without the misguided, mean-spirited and
> hateful input from Pat Cannon through his staff.
> 2. As we have said, the Board must review the full transcript from BEP
> administrative hearings.  They decided they would do so.  They were also
> advised they have the power to reverse a "final agency Decision" in a BEP
> case.  Again this is very powerful.
> Through the organized and persistent work of the NFBM power is shifting 
> from
> the MCB administration to the board where it belongs.  We created the
> Commission so consumers may have a voice in the direction of services to
> blind people.  Yesterday's meeting proved that the system does work.
> It must be stated that Pat Cannon will not give up easily.  He will try to
> set us back.  We must keep up the pressure.  We must use all means of 
> public
> opinion, the legal system and our moral compass to keep on making gains.
> President Posont and the Board are doing an awesome job.  I want to 
> express
> my personal gratitude and admiration for the good job.
> Remember, we may lose a skirmish or battle, but we never lose the war
> because we don't quit until we win.
> Warmest Regards,
> Fred
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