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February 6 2012 The Palace Coup


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Re: Open Letter Tomorrow’s Emergency Meeting MCB






Tomorrow there will be a so-called “emergency meeting” of the Michigan Commission for the Blind. It has been called by Pat Cannon and effectively Constance Zanger the nominal head of our Business Enterprise Program. What this meeting is meant to do is to effectively on a “one time basis” allow other State of Michigan personnel to decide just what operator will operate the “State Plate” which is the mandated location in our Legislative Office building.


Now, this is effectively an insidious assault upon the very act, Public Act 260 that creates a separate commission in the first place. One of the things that having a separate commission does is to mandate facilities on state properties. That includes the very location used by our legislators, ironic as that is for they passed Public Act 260 in the first place and they, the legislature is the only body with constitutional authority to nullify it.


Make no mistake about it I’ve lived in a state with no separate commission. The mandate on state properties is critical for without them our opportunities would be limited to Federal locations only.


But, more importantly wouldn’t each and every blind person be up in arms if our House and Senate sought to repeal PA 260 outright?


Yet, again this agency is effectively trying to have the Elected Operators Committee and then the MCB Board to illegally nullify PA 2690. Make no mistake about it neither the agency, nor the EOC, nor the MCB Board have authority to do this in an ad hoc manner. I see no, and I repeat no Senator or Representative next to anyone’s name here.



For that matter neither the building manager’s who think they can run this program and who Zanger and MCB management always defer to being the lap dogs they are to have those appellations either. They are not legislators! They are petty dictators and simple bureaucrats who constantly exceed constitutional authorities.



This is tantamount to an act of collective suicide for it goes right at the very core of MCB’s existence.  It goes right to the heart of the matter – our very reason to exist as a separate commission.


Now if we wish to abide this act of mass suicide so be it. But recognize it for what it is.





Joe Harcz

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