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Good afternoon, listserv members -

After my comments the other day about leaving the listserv, I had several people suggest that perhaps another way to handle this would be to do what I can to make it better instead of just leaving. Therefore, I am still here. I will also do what I can to get more staff signed-up for the listserv in an attempt to make it a useful tool for all. I would also encourage those already signed up to be more active and not allow it to remain a sounding board for just a few. 

With that said, I would like to thank Susan Turney for her comments. I also wondered why someone would post an "open letter to MCB staff" dated June 24 to a listserv on August 10 knowing there are only 16 MCB staff signed on as subscribers? Is it really to let staff know or is more of a therapeutic exercise to satisfy a need to express opinions regardless of the audience? (Some might say that years ago this need may have been met by keeping a journal or a diary but since the creation of listservs and blogs, those wishing to express themselves can do so in a more public forum.as clearly evidenced by my ramblings! J) It was also stated that what was posted is fact and not opinion. How can a comment such as "it is an effort to continually poison the well between staff and consumers" or "don't let him get away with it" be construed as anything but opinion?  

I have worked in the rehabilitation field for over 30 years and I dare anyone to find a more dedicated and professional staff than this one and I'm talking about everybody. Sure, our "VRTs, O&M instructors, and frontline counselors" are "hard working and dedicated" and so are the administrative support staff in the field, the support staff at the Central Office, the staff at the Braille and Talking Book Library, the cooks and maintenance people at the Center, the drivers and readers, the scores of student assistants, the managers, and.yes, even the Director. Everyone who works at MCB is capable of making up their own mind to determine if someone is trying to "poison the well between staff and consumers" (whatever that means?) and doesn't need someone else telling them how to think. So, again, I agree with Susan when she says we don't need that type of help.

Bob Robertson

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