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The "work-to-welfare" kill the BEP bill is back and with some new support.  The appropriate operators and BSBP Staff have been notified, but there has been little response to date.  Rodgers and Zanger are out of the office all week.

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February 14, 2013, Introduced by Reps. Denby, Rogers and Kelly and referred to the
Committee on Government Operations.
     A bill to amend 1978 PA 260, entitled
"An act to revise and codify the laws relating to blind persons and
persons with a visual disability; to create a commission; to
prescribe its powers and duties and those of other state agencies
relative to blind persons; to provide services, education,
training, and assistance to blind persons; to regulate concessions
operated by blind persons; to transfer powers, duties, functions,
and appropriations; and to repeal acts and parts of acts,"
by amending section 10 (MCL 393.360).
     Sec. 10. (1) This act shall does not apply to a concession
operated in connection with the state fair, with the use of state
fairgrounds, with a state educational institution, state penal
institution, military establishment, armory, or state park, or in a
building that is operated by a house of the legislature.
     (2) A sighted person operating a concession under contract or
lease at the time this act becomes effective shall not be on
October 1, 1978 is not required to surrender the rights before the
contract or lease expires.
     (3) A sighted person operating a concession which that has not
been applied for by a blind person may be permitted to continue in
charge until the concession is applied for and a qualified blind
person is chosen to operate the concession.

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