[nfbmi-talk] What's Up With Non-24;

Kane Brolin kbrolin65 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 19:41:47 UTC 2014

OK, This seems weird to me: During the last couple of months, I've heard a
spot aired on expensive, nation-wide syndicated radio programming that
alerts folks to a medical condition called Non-24. At least two versions of
this spot have been created (and sponsored by an orgsanization that just
calls itself Vanda). Non-24 is said to be a Circadian rhythm disorder
affecting many who are totally blind. It supposedly cuts off our
productivity by making us unable to sleep during the night, but have an
irresistible urge to lose focus and sleep during the day.

This spot airs quite often on very expensive outlets, even SiriusXM
satellite radio. And no specific cure or treatment is hinted at.  This is
made to sound like a PSA.  But there is a Website and a toll-free number
you can call if you suspect you might be suffering from Non-24.

In my 48 years of life with total blindness, I must say I have never
experienced or heard of this as a chronic medical condition--at least not
with a target group of blind people. And considering the low-incidence
nature of total blindness and the fact that public services are being cut
back nearly everywhere for us, whose interest is this announcement serving?
Is this a scam? Or an attempt to launch the clinical trial of  some new,
high-dollar pharmaceutical redemy? Check out

If this is so serious and prevalent, why hasn't the Federation been all
over it? Very curious.


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