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Job #:   6401-15-BSBP-30-POST 

 Job Title:   Rehabilitation Teacher 


Closing Date/Time:   Mon. 07/20/15 5:00 PM Eastern Time 


Salary:   $20.48 - $36.25 hourly

  $1,638.40 - $2,900.00 biweekly

 $42,598.40 - $75,400.00 annually


Job Type:   Permanent Full Time 

 Bargaining Unit:   UNITED AUTO WORKERS (UAW) 

   Location:   Escanaba, Michigan 

 Department:   Licensing and Regulatory Affairs - LARA 


Job Description 

 This position provides rehabilitation teaching services to blind adult
clients of the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons, within a large
geographic area in upper Michigan.  The position teaches the skills of daily
living to adults who are blind, enabling them to function independently in
their homes, jobs and community.  Teachers work with adults who are
congenitally blind - blind from birth - those who are adventitiously blind -
due to accidents or diseases occurring later in life - or those who have
lost their vision due to the biological aging process.  This position will
also provide vocational Rehabilitation counseling to assist individuals in
becoming employed. A combination of services will be provided by this person
incorporating the above mentioned independent living skill training, in
addition to vocational counseling.  The combined skill set is essential to
serving this large territory. 


Position Description 

 Required Education and Experience: 


Possession of a bachelor's degree with a major in blind/visually



No specific type or amount is required. 


 Additional Requirements and Information: 

Please include a copy of your official college transcripts with the


Preference will be given to those individuals who have a masters degree in
both rehabilitation teaching and rehabilitation counseling.   


View the entire job specification at:  




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