[nfbmi-talk] reading newsline on iphone

Kane Brolin kbrolin65 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 20:38:48 UTC 2016

On 2/22/16, Georgia Kitchen via nfbmi-talk <nfbmi-talk at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Does   anyone know how to go from article on the nfb newsline app. for
> the iPhone. I set the setting so the whole page will be read.   How do
> you get to that rotor??

Georgia, I read NFB-NEWSLINE® now almost exclusively via iPhone.  I
think you would be well served to direct your question to

I played around a bit with this just to attempt figuring out an answer
to your question.  But I have not found a way to change the view of a
publication--say, today's "Detroit Free Press"--so that it will give
you simply the headline of each article rather than giving you all of
the text from every article in the section you are focused on. I might
be wrong; but I have found that the rotor does not change your point
of view within the publication view.  I would love that feature too,
though, since I could more quickly isolate the articles I want from
the ones I don't without having to scroll through the entire newspaper
section to get to the article at the end, for instance.  That would be
awesome if it could be added in the next installment.

Like you, I am an NFB-NEWSLINE® evangelist and have signed up several
down here in Indiana during the most recent few months.  It's a
service I have grown to use and appreciate more and more as time goes
on, relying almost none on over-the-air radio or television news any


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