[nfbmi-talk] some quick reminders

Amy Sabo amylsabo at comcast.net
Wed Jul 5 23:54:58 UTC 2017

helo mike and all,

well, as you all probably both the sabo sisters from Colorado won't be
attending convention this summer! I tried posting to this list that I
needed a roommate and, it wouldn't send for some reason and, I typed
in the correct email for this list! I will miss you all but, you will
all be in my thoughts and prayers! I would loved to come to caucus
and, catch up with you all! I don't come to Michigan anymore since my
parents moved out here to Colorado in 2011 but, all of my dad's family
still resides in kalamazoo. as for your note you are doing a awesome
as the state president for this division... you finally got your wish
to be the president for the nfb mi. again, I just want to chat and, if
you ever want to chat email me off list at amieelsabo at gmail or call me
at 303-588-7725 or if you want to chat with becca and catch up with
her her contact information is 720-291-8028 and her email address is
beckyasabo at gmail.com

again, good luck at convention with the affiliate and, I will talk to
you all soon!

hugs always,
from amy sabo

On 7/5/17, Michael Powell via NFBMI-Talk <nfbmi-talk at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hello to all.
> To those attending national convention I just want to remind you, or inform
> you in case you didn't know, that our Michigan delegation will have a
> caucus
> Monday evening, July 10, at 9:00 PM.  The meeting room will be Wekiwa 9.
> This gives all attending the convention from Michigan a chance to mix and
> mingle a little before the main meetings take place.  It allows me to
> welcome all of you and update you on anything that may have developed as
> far
> as new convention details or latest status on a given topic.  We can also
> exchange information about our exhibit table, scheduling workers and attend
> to any matters that specifically apply to our great Michigan group of
> attendees.
> For those of you who are attending our national convention for the first
> time, like you Jernigan scholarship winners, for example, should plan to
> attend the ROOKIE ROUNDUP which will be held one hour before our caucus.
> As
> the agenda states: "Rookie Roundup logoAll first-time convention attendees
> are cordially invited to attend a reception from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m. on
> Monday
> in the Panzacola Ballroom G-1, Level 1. President Riccobono and other
> Federation leaders will be on hand to welcome you to the convention and
> preview the week's activities."
> You will note that this event overlaps into our caucus, but you are not to
> worry.  If you got the information you need by nine, such as information on
> picking up your scholarship, you can come to our caucus.  If you stay until
> 9:30 you will still have plenty of time to hook up with us as we will still
> be in the room as we have it until 10 o'clock.
> Also, don't forget that I will be on our conference line tomorrow, July 6,
> at 8:30 PM if you would like to join me for a quick chat before I leave for
> convention Saturday morning.  This applies to all whether you are, or are
> not going to the convention.  The call in number to the conference line is:
> (605)475-4333  and the access code is 902855 followed by the pound sign.
> If
> you know anyone in your chapters or anywhere else who might want to
> participate who does not get these email listings please let them know they
> are invited to call in and join us.
> Thanks to you all and as always
> Email or call if you need to talk to me.
> Michael Powell
> President
> National Federation of the Blind of Michigan
> (586)754-1325
> Mpowell7583 at yahoo.com
> president at nfbmi.org

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