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looking for a cane travel instructor
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Subject: looking for a cane travel instructor

Hello State Presidents,

We would like to receive your assistance so that we can find a cane travel instructor.  Below is a description of the position.  Please give me a call at 303-778-1130 extension 210 if you have someone in mind. 

Thank you,

Julie Deden 

Cane Travel Instructor

Colorado Center for the Blind

ccb at cocenter.org

The Colorado Center for the Blind has a position open for a full time cane travel instructor.  This person will work with students who are enrolled in our full time adult training program.  We are looking for someone who has previous teaching experience and who is flexible and works well with all types of people. The candidate must fully participate in all extracurricular and challenge recreation activities.  Also, candidate must be familiar and have had training in the structured discovery methodology.  Please email Carol Elzi at celzi at cocenter.org if you would like a full job description.

Carol Elzi

Administrative Coordinator

Colorado Center for the Blind

303-778-1130 ext 211

303-778-1598 FAX 

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