[Nfbmo] Louis Braille Coin WOW!

James Moynihan jamesmoynihan at kc.rr.com
Thu May 14 03:43:07 UTC 2009


Fellow Federationists

As a Federationist I saw it as my "duty" and "obligation" to promote literacy for blind students by purchasing Louis Braille coins and giving them to family and friends.  Since I am totally blind you can understand that vision is not my forte.  

Recently I gave a louis Braille coin to a barbershopper and his wife who became friends.  He has given me rides to barbershop rehearsals for years and I thought I could express my thanks by giving him a Louis Braille coin.

I thought they would thank me and that would be that.  He thanked me after a rehearsal on Saturday and he and his wife thanked me again after a Tuesday rehearsal.  He explained that the coin was a "beautiful" object and said it was so wonderful that I might want to take it back for myself.  I explained that Jana and I had purchased these coins for ourselves and that he and his wife could keep it forever.  

We all know how worthwhile it is to promote literacy for the blind.  Since I did not truly understand how wonderful a gift this would make I wanted others to understand that this coin is an intrinsically beautiful object that members of your family and friends will truly value and appreciate.  


Jim Moynihan

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