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Hello Randy. I am glad you asked this question, so many people often act as
if they have personally done something wrong when this happens. If you have
a child in school, you are most likely at some point in time to experience
head lice.

Yes this happened to me with all two of my children. My son went to a
private Baptist school in Saint Louis, came home with head lice. This was a
nightmare. After several treatments, also cutting hair, the school would say
that he still had them. I took him to our pediatrician who helped me, he
returned to school the result was the same. So, after treatment I would
first make sure you know where the head lice if possible was contracted. I
was told it was my child, and no one in his classroom had them. The truth
was hi was little at the time and so his head always touched the back of the
seat on the over crowded school bus, thus this is where they were found, and
he was repeatedly being reinfec5ted.
The best thing to do as Susan said contact children's or Cardinal Glennan
hospital, and they can look at your Childs hair with a special light. Also
be sure to wash all bed clothing, stuffed animals if possible, and treat
furniture. I would as a precaution also treat all family members hair.
Head lice is nearly impossible for a blind person to rid on your own because
the nits are so very tiny and stubborn.  You will really will need to ask
someone you are close to to help you.
Good Luck!

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> Hi Everyone,
> Hope everyone is having a wonderful Fathers Day and Happy Fathers Day to
> all you dads out there.
> I have a question that I guess should be directed to you parents..  OK
> here
> is my question, hypothetically as blind and/or low vision parents how do
> you deal with an outbreak of head lice?  I know that I cannot be the first
> to ask this question.  I know that you could always ask a fully sighted
> family and/or friend to assist you but that is embarrassing and sometimes
> they agree to help you but you can tell that they really do not want to.
> Also what if you are in a situation where family and/or friends are NOT
> close enough to you geographically and/or socially to make it feasible to
> ask?
> To fully sighted individuals this, while being a pain and embarrassing, is
> doable but I cannot figure out how someone who has low and/or no vision
> can
> solve this problem independently.
> Let me thank you in advance for your thoughts and comments on this
> hypothetical but common problem.
> Thanks,
> Randy Carmack
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