[Nfbmo] Have a business that decided to rip me off

Jordan Gallacher jordanandseptember at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 02:36:02 UTC 2014

I think we have all probably have had this happen at least once in our
lives, but this seems to be the worst I have ever seen a business do to me.
Read on to find out what happened, and for any Blind person or sighted
person stay away from The Bell in Liberty, MO

I used to be a regular at The Bell until June 29th.  I went there at about
7:00 that night and ordered my usual, the French Dip.  At right about 8:00
the waitress came by and asked if I was ready for my Bill, and I said Yes.
She went away with it, came back, and just threw it on the table.  I never
did locate it.  No big problem for me since I knew what the total was going
to be, $14.50.  I paid in Cash that night.  I had $8.00 of Bills and $17.25
in quarters, which is 69 quarters.  So, I pulled the $8.00 out and counted
out, carefully, $6.50 in quarters, which is 26 quarters.  The waitress comes
back and tries to tell me that I only gave her $9.75.  I knew that not to be
correct, and I stood my ground.  A manager came out and tried the same
stunt, and I finally just got up and left.  I really did not care that I was
told never to come back because I never would go back there after that
anyway.  I arrived back at my apartment and decided to count the quarters I
had remaining in my pocket.  I had 43 quarters remaining.  I find it
absolutely appaling that the owner of the business is not even realizing
that there is a problem and tells me it's my fault.  How do I love it when
businesses try to take advantage of me as a Blind person.  I want to know
how best to proceed against this business at this point.


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