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There was plenty new in the message:
*we were able to negotiate a reasonable price for a cash bar. At the June 
board meeting it was decided NOT to have a cash bar unless the State 
President and I  could get a cheap enough deal from the hotel.
*The Springfield chapter's fundraiser
*The 24 hour a day availability to purchase soda and sundries from the front 
I admit that part of the purpose was a reminder to those 75 or more people 
to reserve a room and register for convention who have yet to do it.
As to your point that we are letting the host chapter slide on some rule. 
That is simply not true. Many years we are not able to Braille the soda 
machines for a number of reasons. This year the hotel asked us not to since 
the same beverages are available at the front desk for the same price This 
answer seemed acceptable to me and certainly not worth a fight.  So do not 
blame the chapter blame me. The hotel also felt they would need to have the 
permission of the soda company as the machines are not the hotel's property.
Hope this answers your concerns.

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there was nothing recognizable as new in your message today.
If you're going to let the LC chapter slide on rules written in the
convention guidelines, they should at least report the order of buttons and
what the selection buys from the soda machines.
They could have had help but not a peep was said!
Bryan Schulz 

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