[Nfbmo] A humble request for support

Eugene S Coulter escoulter at centurytel.net
Thu Mar 19 07:06:45 UTC 2015

I am also running for Second Vice President of our affiliate that has been a part of who I am  for 40 years. Over the years I have served in  numerous state and local capacities and have been a member of 4 different chapters. As a college student I organized the 2nd incarnation of the student division. I have held every office in the Columbia chapter including the presidency for over 25 years. 
I have served on the state level as chair of Goodworks, Governmental Affairs and Public Relations.  I have been a member of the Scholarship committee, Resolutions committee, Data Retention committee, Web Site committee, and several others. I am very involved in establishing policy for the affiliate as I author  many of our resolutions and monitor our constitution and submit amendments when needed.
I have walked the halls of our state capitol off and on since 1976 and helped by stuffing our packets in years in which I could not attend. I was chair of our successful leadership seminar in 2011 and very active in the 2014 edition. In 1999 I received the Jernigan Award and in 2014 I received the Missouri Affiliate Award.
My current activities keep me rather busy especially as Social Services Liaison and Convention Coordinator. Both positions require much detail work; whether it is getting to the bottom of a Social Security or Blind Pension problem or  negotiating  with a hotel for our convention and then making sure they keep their promises. A lot of hours are taken up. I can honestly claim that I have consulted with over half of our membership regarding either an SSDI or BP issue. I am always eager to help out whether or not I am on a particular committee. One example is that I located, researched and signed up our affiliate for the upcoming Schwans fundraiser. 
As active as I have been and am I did not even run for a position on the state board until 4 years ago and have found my service very rewarding and want to continue to serve on the board preferably as our second Vice President.
Thank you for your kind consideration and hope that I can count on your vote. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Gene Coulter

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