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>From: Office of the Superintendent [mailto:superintendent at kssdb.org]
>Sent: Monday, March 27, 2017 9:41 AM
>To: Anne Gurss; Jeri Hile; Kari Howell; Kristi 
>Sykes; Madeleine Burkindine; Menely Hogan; Nancy 
>Johnson; Susie Stanzel; Todd Morando; Tom Anderson; Tom Page
>Subject: Memo Regarding Madeleine's Retirement
>I apologize that the memo regarding Madeleine's 
>retirement was sent in a format that did not 
>accommodate a screen reader. I believe the 
>following format will solve that problem. If you 
>continue to be unable to access it, please call 
>me at 913-210-8111. Thank you. Marva
>DATE:      March 24, 2017
>TO:           KSSB Advisory Board
>FROM:     Madeleine Burkindine
>RE:           My Retirement
>As some of you already know, I am retiring at 
>the end of the school year, effective July 1st. 
>This is a decision I have been contemplating for 
>some time, but putting it in writing and saying 
>it out loud to others is difficult.
>I have enjoyed a 40-year career at KSSB, where I 
>started as a summer school “counselor” in 
>1970 and 71 while still a student at KU. (I even 
>met my husband here—a fellow summer intern.) I 
>began teaching in 1973 and have relished my 
>life’s work teaching children with blindness 
>or low vision, and working with staff, parents 
>and community as I have transitioned from 
>teacher to principal to superintendent at KSSB 
>and ultimately superintendent of both schools 
>for the blind and the deaf. I have been a part 
>of helping KSSB grow and change to meet needs of 
>students all across the state while keeping our 
>campus program strong and dynamic. We have all 
>worked together as we have refocused our 
>attention statewide by modifying our programs 
>and services to meet the complex and changing 
>needs of school districts statewide and of our campus students.
>The vacancy in the superintendent’s position 
>has been widely published – you can see the 
>application brochure posted on Facebook and on 
>our website. Notice has been given to the 
>Council of Schools and Services for the Blind 
>website, the Association for Education and 
>Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually 
>Impaired website, all schools for the Deaf, all 
>schools for the Blind, the dual schools for both 
>the Deaf and the Blind, and other sites as well. 
>The search is being handled by the Department of 
>Education; the deadline has been extended to 
>Monday, April 3rd. The following dates have been 
>reserved to conduct interviews and give you, as 
>stakeholders, the opportunity to come and meet 
>the candidates and provide feedback on each of 
>them. Depending on the number of candidates 
>selected to interview, all three of these may 
>not be used. We will keep you updated on any 
>changes to the meeting schedule on the KSSB 
>website and Facebook page. The stakeholders 
>meetings are scheduled to take place in the 
>Vogel Library from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. on the following dates:
>             Friday, April 7
>             Monday, April 10
>             Thursday, April 20
>The interview team is as follows:
>Two Kansas Board of Education members: John Bacon and Janet Waugh
>Two persons from the Kansas School for the Deaf: Joelle Allen and Kelly Grove
>Two persons from the Kansas School for the 
>Blind: Jon Harding and Aundrayah Shermer
>You will note that each school is represented by 
>a parent whose child/children has/have 
>benefitted by attendance or services at one of the schools.
>Please share this information with your 
>organization. If you have questions or concerns, 
>please let me know 
>(<mailto:mburkindine at kssdb.org>mburkindine at kssdb.org) 
>so I can work through the Department of 
>Education and the Commissioner to get them 
>addressed. I look forward to seeing you at the 
>first stakeholder meeting on Friday, April 7. Thank you for your support.
>Madeleine Burkindine, Superintendent
>Marva Thompson, Executive Secretary

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