[NFBMO] Convention Follow-up

escoulter at centurytel.net escoulter at centurytel.net
Sun Apr 8 21:33:55 UTC 2018


Another convention is behind us except for paying the bill. I am writing
seeking comments on the convention arrangements.

First, for those of you who could not go we really missed you and hope
to see you in Columbia March21-24, 2019. If you tuned-in via of the
stream we would like to know how it went so your comments would be

For those of you who attended any comments about the program should be
directed elsewhere I am interested in learning about your experiences
with  the hotel, restaurant, Guest rooms,  and meals.  Any constructive
comments would be appreciated but also I would like answers to  some
questions. Email your comments to me at MizzouFan1979 at GMail.Com
<mailto:MizzouFan1979 at GMail.Com>  or share them here. If you don't reply
I   won't know what to work on.


Was the hospitality room adequate?

Was the exhibit area acceptable or should we move to get the exhibits
and registration in a room?

Do you like the box lunch idea for one of the lunches?

If so, which lunch Friday or Saturday?

An idea was brought up to have a farewell lunch on Sunday what do you

Should we continue to have exhibits on Saturday lunch hour?

If we  do not have Saturday exhibits  should we extend the hours on
Friday  thereby maybe getting more outside exhibitors, example 2 pm to
10 pm?

Overall rate the quality of the planned meal food from 1 to 5 with 5
being excellent?

On the same scale rate your hotel room?

And lastly rate the hotel staff?

What problems did you have, if any?




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